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Probin Abasan Kendra (Old Home) :

Helpless people of above 60 years irrespective of the race and cast with the full of responsibility. All basic amenities like accommodation, foods, cloths, medicines and other facilities are also provided free of cost to neglected, unable to earn livelihood of old ages. Necessary medical facilities are also provide such as free eye check-up camp, mobile medical services, clean and hygiene facilities in center based old peoples.

But in out door we visited door to door surveyed with services in village old peoples. Because in family problems many old ages leaves their home. It this situation we advocacy / Counseling with the victims (Old age) and his/ her families to solved the problem and reintegration to them.

About images

We, Agriculture and Rural Advancement, organize a discussion program on aged entrepreneurship and their protection with the coordination of Bangladesh NGO Foundation.

Agriculture & Rural Advancement(ARA)