The Executive Director of ARA oneself thought in 2005, how its possible to invent a environment and long-lived capacitated innovative brick instead of clay-burnt which would be also environment favor able over the world.

For the cause of the quick range of temperature the worldwide livelihood is running towards in darkness for increasing man-created deforesting, agriculture field decreasing and also air-polluted by smokes. Gradually the Green-House is also becoming in a vulnerable risk for the world.

As a result, the coast community, mainly in the coast area of a Bangladesh is unable to live in their shout-term staying houses. Because year after year gradually for salinity contaminated water and unruly storms destroying and damaging the houses for disfavor able climate changing factors.

To solve this manmade and natural affected problem ARA started a innovative investigation in the “ARA Research Cell” to invent a environment favorable and Lon-lived capacities innovative breaks. Last of all, the Executive Director Mr. SK. Abul Kalam Azad succeeded to invent his desired innovative bricks using local resources with without using clay and fuel.

The bricks is examined from Khulna Divisional “KUET” Research Institution and ensured the breaks is really environment favorable and have long-lived capacities over the world with a challenging. The result have seen as follows:

Deafer between SA - Bricks and Burnt Bricks

    Ways and Manners

  • Weight
  • Measure (6 sides) / Shape
  • Frame
  • Time
  • Transportation
  • Manual Labor
  • Machineries
  • Strength
  • Favorable
  • Choose
  • Color
  • Tested/Examined/Experiment from in 2012
  • Price

    SA - Bricks

  • Same
  • Same
  • Made by Steel sheets
  • Total 7 Days
  • Same
  • A few laborers
  • Innovative
  • Long Lived ( 4084 psi)
  • Environment, Climate, disaster, earthquake and Salinity
  • At first
  • Same
  • Consultancy Research and Testing Services Department of Civil Engineering Khulna University of Engineering and Technology Khulna Bangladesh.
  • BD Tk. 08/- Per piece

    Burnt Bricks

  • Same
  • Same
  • Made by wood / wooden
  • 20 Days
  • Same
  • Enough
  • Old Patern
  • Short Lived (2538 psi)
  • Disfavor able in all environment.
  • Common Choose
  • Same
  • -
    Non -experimented
  • BD Tk.08/- Per piece

Agriculture & Rural Advancement(ARA)