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Ara Filter

ARA(Agriculture and Rural Advancement) innovative family wise Mini Water Filter. This filter supplied 100% arsenic and iron free water. 7000 Lt water purified by 01 kg arsenic medicine and it market price is low cost.

  •   No boiling
  •   No continuous tap water needed
  •   No arsenic.
  •   No iron .
  •   Easy Maintenance.
  •   Natural tasting water.

Its fact ARA being a local Non-Governmental Organization is working on researching with other social development areas in Bangladesh.

Before twelve years ago in south-west geographical area of Bangladesh the water have contaminated with arsenic and enough salinity which is fully unable to a drink and the community is facing with arsenicocis and other serious water borne diseases. The above disease affected people is increasing day after day and they are facing with various social obstructs with unemployment and without any treatment. Their livelihood really becomes like a insufferable prisoner life. To say, some patients of arsenicosis died before this

On the above tragic position of the people the NGO have began investigation to invent arsenic and salinity purified water filter and in last 2001 the researcher of Sk Abul Kalam Azad Executive Director and Mr. Altef Hossain invented three types of Multi-Star-Filters, one can purify arsenic and other can salinity.

ARA invented innovative Multi-Star-Filters one is able to purified arsenic and iron from surface water and deliver safe drinking water. The Multi Star Filter is easy to carry to far away and its price is in purchasing capacity by the poor stake holder.

The second Multi Star Filter is able to purified salinity from the surface water and its like the first Multi Star Filter for carrying and purchasing, and also certified from various institutes of Bangladesh. ARA distributed 10250 Multi Star Filter to the coastal families with financial support by GIZ, Bangladesh Wash Alliance (BWA), Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF) and Human Development Foundation (HDF) which is most popular to Satkhira district even in the country.

We will provide Arsenic and Salinity free Multi Star Filter of 200 families with at least 800 beneficiaries at coastal and salinity areas of Shyamnagar in Satkhira district. I think which is more essential for this community people, because when they drink Salinity and Arsenic water faced a lots of physical problems, women and children one of the most.2013 ICDDRB research in Bangladesh, every year 27 percent of children died pneumonia for drinking salinity and arsenic water. Pregnancy women and old ages suffered high blood pressure for drinking salinity water. Male, female, children, youth , baby and old ages will get benefit from this Filter.

As a result, ARA distributed ten thousand up Multi-Star-Filters to family and community based places without of cost and it was possible after obtain financial supports from the DONORs of home and abroad.

Agriculture & Rural Advancement(ARA)