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To stimulate social organs by empowering people and public institutions to serve people’s rights.

ARA is working over 17 years at the coastal region and implementing projects under 5 major program areas to achieve our mission. Gender Equality and Ethnic rights are the cross cutting issue in each program.

  •   Ensuring Climate Resilient Environment .
  •   Protecting Human Rights.
  •   Empowering Community.
  •   Practicing Democratic Governance.
  •   Charitable missionary .


Establish living friendly society for all.

About Company

ARA (Advanced and Rural Advancement) a national registered research based development organization have been working in the field of social development health, education, child rights, youth group, women empowerment, nutrition, sanitation and research on water .Since inception ARA have achieved well reputation from donor, government department, staffs and beneficiaries by successful implementation of the integrated project and programe according to the strategy by the project.

Last 16 years, ARA(Agriculture and Rural Advancement) is Continuing research and implementing field level activities on arsenic salinity free safe drinking water and experienced more. ARA have find out that the people of the area are affected in various diseases especially women and children, who are drinking salinity iron and arsenic contaminated water. The rate is high at the coastal area that other part of the district. Just a few liters of water a day of coastal population in Bangladesh Consume a Considerable part (up to 200%) of the maximum daily salt intake of 5 grams as defined by the WHO. An estimated 43,000 people die each year from arsenic related illness in Bangladesh.
ARA(Agriculture and Rural Advancement) research on safe drinking Water Since 2000.ARA is working on the issue over a decade and developed poor friendly Salinity and arsenic mitigated water filter which reduced arsenic from 313 mg / Lt to 4 mg / Lt and salinity 3,30 Ppt to 0.1 Ppt
ARA innovative family wise Mini Water Filter. This filter supplied 100% arsenic and iron free water. 7000 Lt water purified by 01 kg arsenic medicine and it market price is low cost.
ARA Supplied piped water to community by water treatment plant, So that the community can get easily arsenic and iron free water, and every rural person has enough safe water for drinking, cooking and other domestic needs.
We will working in Shyamnagar, Satkhira southern part of Bangladesh. It is a densely populated with disaster porn area. Cyclone Sidr attacked the region November 2007, another devastating cyclone AILA hit and damaged everything mostly in Shyamnagar upazila(sub district). AILA & Sidr not only broke down the overall social harmonization but also resulted in to a chaotic situation in those areas, women and children are experiencing most inhuman and vulnerable situation specially health problem. Climate change is making the unusual more routine as a result is a massive upheaval of traditional village life. Floods have been bringing saline water, as a result people drinking salinity water .Most of the people of project areas are not awarded about their health from government and others. Also this area is salinity, arsenic, disaster prone and climate risk. Most of the time peoples are affected various natural diseases.
  •   Expand old age home activities with IGA for old age people .
  •   Ensure saline and arsenic free water for the poor by using new technology
  •   Practice Good Governance in LG institutes.
  •   Adaptive Farming for the Climate refugees.
  •   Promote youth development activities to build next generation.
  •   Form and activate social changing activist.
  •   Action for climate change and adaptation.

Agriculture & Rural Advancement(ARA)